Customizing Your Ruby Engagement Ring: Design Options

Customizing Your Ruby Engagement Ring: Design Options

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Designing a VintageInspired Ruby Ring

When designing a vintage-inspired ruby ring, one popular design option to consider is incorporating milgrain details. Milgrain detailing involves adding delicate beaded edges along the metal settings, giving the ring an antique feel. This classic touch can enhance the overall look of the ring and bring a sense of nostalgia to the design. It is a timeless feature that adds intricacy and charm to the piece.

Another design choice for a vintage-inspired ruby ring is to opt for a filigree setting. Filigree involves intricate metalwork where delicate threads and beads are twisted and soldered together to create a lace-like design. This technique adds a sense of femininity and elegance to the ring, reminiscent of vintage jewellery styles. Filigree settings can highlight the beauty of the ruby gemstone while also giving the ring a unique and old-world charm.

Milgrain Details for an Antique Feel

When aiming for an antique feel in your custom ruby engagement ring, incorporating milgrain details can elevate the design to exude timeless elegance. Milgrain is a delicate beaded edging that adds a vintage touch to the ring, reminiscent of intricate craftsmanship from eras past. This subtle detailing along the edges of the setting or band can create a soft, romantic look that beautifully complements the rich hue of the ruby gemstone.

The milgrain detailing can be applied to various aspects of the ring, such as the prongs holding the ruby in place, the intricate gallery design underneath the gem, or even the entirety of the band for a cohesive antique-inspired aesthetic. This nostalgic feature brings a sense of history and sophistication to the ring, making it a unique piece that tells a story of its own. By incorporating milgrain details into your custom ruby engagement ring, you can achieve a truly classic and timeless look that reflects your individual style and preference for vintage charm.

Opting for a Modern Ruby Ring Design

When it comes to opting for a modern ruby ring design, sleek bezels are a popular choice amongst those wanting a contemporary look. These bezels provide a minimalist and sophisticated appearance that highlights the vibrant ruby at the center of the ring. The clean lines and smooth finish of the bezel setting make the ruby the focal point of the ring, giving it a fresh and stylish aesthetic.

Another modern design option for a ruby engagement ring is the use of mixed metals. Incorporating different metal colours, such as rose gold or platinum, can add a unique and edgy twist to the traditional ruby ring. The contrast between the rich red hue of the ruby and the cool tones of the metal creates a striking visual impact that is both modern and elegant. By combining metals, you can create a personalised and contemporary ruby ring that reflects your individual style and personality.

Sleek Bezels for a Contemporary Look

When it comes to designing a modern and sophisticated ruby engagement ring, opting for sleek bezels can truly elevate the overall contemporary look. Bezels are metal rims that securely hold the ruby in place, offering a clean and streamlined appearance to the ring. Unlike prong settings that have metal claws holding the gemstone, bezel settings encase the ruby with a smooth metal border, giving the ring a minimalist and sleek feel.

Sleek bezels can be crafted in various metals like platinum, white gold, or rose gold, each offering a different aesthetic appeal to the ruby ring. Platinum bezels exude a luxurious and timeless look, complementing the vibrant red hue of the ruby gemstone. On the other hand, white gold bezels provide a sleek and modern touch to the ring, creating a contemporary and elegant design. For those seeking a romantic and feminine touch, rose gold bezels can add a soft and warm glow to the ruby engagement ring, perfect for a modern bride looking for a unique and stylish piece of jewellery.

Custom Band Options

When it comes to customizing your ruby engagement ring, the band plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and feel of the piece. One unique band option to consider is a twisted band design. This style adds a touch of intricacy and elegance to your ring, making it stand out from more traditional designs. A twisted band can symbolize the intertwining of your lives as you embark on this journey together.

Another popular choice for custom band options is a hidden halo band. This design features small, hidden diamonds or gemstones underneath the main stone, adding a subtle sparkle and depth to the ring. A hidden halo band can create a mesmerizing effect, drawing attention to the central ruby while adding a touch of glamour to the ring.

Twisted Band for a Unique Style

When considering a twisted band for your ruby engagement ring, you are choosing a design that adds a touch of uniqueness and character to your piece. The intertwining of the band symbolizes the coming together of two individuals in a relationship, making it a meaningful choice for a symbol of commitment. This style offers a modern twist to the traditional band, creating a striking visual effect that sets your ring apart.

A twisted band can be customised to suit your personal style, whether you prefer a delicate twist or a more prominent design. This versatility allows you to create a ring that reflects your individuality and showcases your distinct taste. Additionally, the twisted band can seamlessly complement various settings and gemstone shapes, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.


Can I customise a vintage-inspired ruby engagement ring?

Yes, you can customise a vintage-inspired ruby ring by incorporating classic design elements such as filigree patterns or intricate engravings.

What are milgrain details and how do they add to the antique feel of a ruby ring?

Milgrain details are tiny beaded accents along the edges of a ring, adding a delicate and vintage touch. They enhance the antique feel of a ruby ring by giving it a timeless and elegant look.

Is it possible to opt for a modern design for a ruby engagement ring?

Absolutely! You can opt for a modern ruby ring design by choosing sleek bezel settings, clean lines, and contemporary shapes that give the ring a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

How can a twisted band contribute to a unique style for a custom ruby engagement ring?

A twisted band adds a unique and eye-catching element to a custom ruby ring, creating a distinctive look that sets it apart from traditional designs. It adds a touch of creativity and individuality to the ring.

Are there custom band options available for a ruby engagement ring?

Yes, there are various custom band options available for a ruby engagement ring, including twisted bands, pave bands, or engraved bands, allowing you to personalise the ring according to your style preferences.

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